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Martur (En)

Meşe Makina Martur - Seat Fabric Diagnostic Check Application

By means of subcontracting Meşe Makine, we have installed seat fabric diagnostic check system for Martur Company, which produces seats for leading automotive brands such as Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Man, Peugeot, Renault and Toyota.

Fabrics are brought in rolls, before being laid on the table as fold fabrics. Because of the size of the area whose picture is taken by the system, we use industrial type camera series in order to ensure required sensibility.

The specially developed software arranges the process of taking pictures, before combining them.

Next, the operator screen displays cutting jig, together with this combined image.


=> Number of defective lines is notified to operator.

> Tüm katlardaki toplam hatalı parçaların listesi oluşturulur.=> The list of total defective parts on every fabric is formed.

=> In the wake of combination, the operator is automatically shown the defects.

=> A new cutting jig is established in order to compensate the shortcoming due to total defective parts on all fabrics.